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About us



To become a global first brand that promotes acceptable screen contents with viable morals within North America and the Caribbean community; and then the rest of the world.


  • To run a film academy that can educate movie producers on how to develop contents that are acceptable t in the society.
  • To provide censorship formula for all content that must go through the screen
  • To encourage indigenous productions from Nollywood due to its high demands in North America and the Caribbean community.

Our Core Values: (RED)

  • Resilience
  • Efficiency
  • Dedication

Nollywood Canada

Nollywood Canada Corporation is a North American motion pictures development and promotional platform for North America and the Caribbean. This Canadian corporation is majorly involved with content development for films, documentary and all forms of screen productions. The initiative is extended to curricula and structural development of film academy, Animation College, and video censorship on screen. The core is to build individual capacity in the motion pictures career. Knowing the volume of interesting upcoming talents in North America and the Caribbean, we intend to use this platform as an open forum to assist in certification and licensing of professional with a blend of the indigenous Nollywood contents.
Film production is a fast growing wing of the entertainment industry where endless number of people has become celebrities today. In Hollywood to be precise, we have seen were young people especially teenagers are groomed to become world actors. What we are bringing new to the film industry is that kind of innovation that can blend academic and moral uprightness in film where everyone have the choice to live a better and fulfilled life just by watching our kind of film of screen. We have experts from Hollywood and Nollywood that can blend our novel scripts on Africa and American story.
NCC intend to work with corporate bodies, government, ministries, institutions and individuals with similar interest to promote capacity building in developing nations and boost economy by reviewing opportunities within the industry.
We have an open Short Film Assessment Forum (SFAF) where upcoming individuals can submit their short films or stories for production funding and screening. This forum accepts contents from all parts of the world and also provides the needed guidelines required in writing an acceptable content on screen.

Classification of Contents:

This classification rating indicates that the movie is suitable for viewing by persons of all ages

This rating is applicable where the themes or content of the film may not, in the opinion of the Board, be suitable for all children therefore parental guidance is advised.

A film is to be classified 18 where in the opinion of the Board, it is suitable for viewing by persons 18 years and above, because the film may contain explicit violence, frequent coarse language, horror and simulated sexual scenes. It is an offence to exhibit a “18” film to a person younger than 18.

A film is to be classified “RE” where in the opinion of the Board, it is not suitable for persons under 18 and it is exhibited wholly in specially licensed premises for a specialized audience. The film may contain frequent use of disturbing content.

A film is to be classified “12” wherein the opinion of the Board, the theme or content of the film, is suitable for persons 12 years and over. Also, no one younger than 12 may rent or buy a “12” rated film.

No one younger than 12 years old may see a “12A” movie in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult. It is an offence to exhibit a “12A” film to a person younger than 12, unaccompanied by an adult.

Note that the requirements are not met if the adult buys a ticket, but does not accompany the child in the cinema for the duration of the film.

A film is to be classified “15” where the film, in the opinion of the Board is suitable only for persons, 15 years and above. No one younger than 15 may see a “15” film in a cinema or rent or buy a “15” rated video. It is an offence to exhibit a “15” film to a person younger than 15.

Proof of Age at Cinema:

Cinemas may verify the age of an individual before they provide access to all legally restricted films (“12”, “12A”, “15”, “18”)

A proof of age (in the form of photo identification- driver licenses, passport or some educational institution IDs which has a photograph and date of birth) may be requested before they provide access to legally restricted films.

Restrictions on Cinemas Films:

Cinemas are required to abide by laws governing all legally restricted films. This means that refusing entry to a “12A” film to any person who reasonably appears to be underage or is not accompanied by an adult.

Special Note:

Notices explaining what classifications “G” through to “RE” mean must be displayed in a prominent place where films are being exhibited and at entrances to all viewing halls. Classification notices are available by contacting the Board.

Nollywood Canada Corporation remains the regulatory body set to regulate films and video industry in North America that is empowered legally to classify all films and videos whether imported or produced within North American and the Caribbean community. It is also the duty of the Board to register all films and video outlets across the region and to maintain a record of registered outlets.


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